“Breaking the Silence”

as told by Monica Bartels-Crable I have always been a strong-willed girl growing up. I would make sure I was included in everything. I was always saying,  “SIGN!! What are you saying?!” “Why are people looking at me, I’m just Deaf and signing!” My parents were wonderful by learning how to sign and making sure everything was signed whenever someone spoke. Still, I struggled with normal things a Deaf person faces in this world- hearing friends that didn’t sign, being leftRead more


My mother’s name was Catalina. She went by Cathy, but I never understood why. I loved the way it sounded, a little exotic, a little beautiful, just like she was. I want to tell you a little bit about her, tonight when we are all gathered here to celebrate a day for mothers. I had a good one, a strong one. Her family was from Lebanon- her maiden name was Fadool, which, translated from Arabic, means “a person with virtues,”Read more

“The Dream”

by Melissa Denson Becoming a parent is portrayed as being easy. It is supposed to be a natural process without obstacles. The lie our society tells us is far from the truth. This entrance is not always easy as in my case. I have epilepsy. My diagnosis seemed like a curse, a thief in the night stealing my joy. It stole so many things including an easy entrance into motherhood. After discussing the possibility of becoming pregnant with my neurologist,Read more

“Daddy Always Said You Could Have Two”

by Dana Hinds I am the oldest of 4 children. My daddy was a blue-collar construction worker in AZ and he had a tradition of celebrating the end of his work week by taking his family out to eat on Friday nites. His salary wasn’t amazing, but he rejoiced to have a steady job to provide enough for his little crew. One of his favorite places to go was a cute little A-frame hut called “Der Wienerschnitzel”. Back then (inRead more

“No Mama Left Alone”

Mothering requires community. I’m convinced of this. Wherever you may find it. For me, in Lubbock Crunchy Moms, I have made friendships, some that I know are lifelong. We share the day to day of parenting in the trenches, of loving and raising these wonderful little people that have been brought into our worlds. Sometimes online, sometimes in real life. As we often say, we are “sister moms”. Because mothers need one another… and should never walk this journey alone. Though I am twin 2 of 2 by my own birth, once I gave birth, I joined a community with fellow mothers.Read more

“For This Child We Prayed”

In this story, Neely Yates shares an often humorous, often poignant account of her experience with infertility. She speaks of her desire to become pregnant, pesky meeting with the Infertility Power, and ultimately, the power of prayer. Neely Yates was born and raised here in Lubbock. She has been a radio DJ for over 18 years. You can hear her every weekday on the Red Dirt Rebel 105.3 from 10a-2p. Neely and her husband Brandon also own a production company/advertisingRead more

Every Storm Runs Out of Rain

Motherhood for me started years ago. I am the oldest of 4 and come from a large family. I helped were needed with each of them, i waslike a little mother to each of them. At a young age I knew what i wanted to be a MOTHER. I have always wanted to be someones mother.When I met my husband in July 2008 I knew he was the one for me, although we remained friends until September 2008,  We wereRead more